Understanding the PCIA Fee

Power Charge Indifference Adjustment

What is PG&E’s Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) fee?

PG&E’s PCIA fees are “exit fees” charged to CCA customers authorized by state law. PG&E is allowed to recover the difference in the value of energy resources already contracted by PG&E prior to the acceleration of its shrinking customer base due to the popularity of Community Choice Aggregators, like Pioneer Community Energy.

What is Vintage Year?

The Vintage year is typically the year that your community made the decision to join Pioneer and is identified by PG&E. Placer County has Vintage Years that range from 2017 through 2020. El Dorado County has a Vintage Year of 2021. Future customers may have different vintage years.

What is Your Specific PCIA Fee?
  • Placer County and member cities typically are Vintage Year 2017 or $0.04760 per kWh (E1 rate – residential)
    • Placer County and current member city customers can look on their PG&E bill to find their actual Vintage Year.
  • El Dorado County and Placerville typically will be Vintage Year 2021 or $0.02887 per kWh (E1 rate – residential)
    • All initial customers will be Vintage Year 2021.
    • Call Pioneer to confirm your Vintage Year and PCIA fee.

PG&E has announced that starting in January 2022, Medical Baseline customers will begin paying a portion of the applicable PCIA fee. Historically, PG&E has waived all PCIA fees for any CCA customer participating in the Medical Baseline program.

The implementation plan calls for a ramp up schedule as follows:

  • 2022 – 25% of applicable PCIA fee
  • 2023 – 50% of applicable PCIA fee
  • 2024 – 75% of applicable PCIA fee
  • 2025 – 100% of applicable PCIA fee

Pioneer customers on Medical Baseline will continue to realize savings over PG&E’s rates.

PG&E’s 2022 PCIA Fee Outlook

Third party industry experts have predicted that the PCIA fee will be adjusted in early 2022. The rate of change will be different for each vintage year. It is projected that the PCIA rate will be lower for each Vintage Year.

Please revisit this website or contact Pioneer’s staff in early 2022 to understand the actual changes to your specific year’s PCIA fee.

What is Pioneer doing about PG&E’s PCIA fees?

Pioneer is the community voice and advocate on behalf of our customers.  Pioneer is working towards protecting our customers’ right to choose energy providers, gain more transparency in PG&E’s PCIA fee, advancing legislation that benefits our communities at the state level and with PG&E. Pioneer continues to challenge the PG&E PCIA fee methodology by:

  • Engaging with the other statewide Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) through the California Community Choice Association to reduce PG&E’s PCIA fee.
  • Requesting data transparency.
  • Eliminating PG&E Utility-Owned Generation from the PCIA calculation.

Should you have any further questions, please forward to our Pioneer team at info@pioneercommunityenergy.ca.gov or call (916) 758-8969.  

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