Pioneer Rates

Pioneer invests in our community through more stable, competitive rates and programs that benefit local residents and businesses. Pioneer is a not-for-profit government organization. As a local government agency, Pioneer does not pay income taxes, and unlike an investor owed utility, Pioneer does not distribute profits  to shareholders.

Pioneer is supported by the rates it charges for the electricity it supplies. It is not supported by any tax dollars.

Pioneer Community Energy Rate Sheets

Rates effective November 1, 2019

Green100, a 100% Renewable Energy Option

Time of Use (TOU)




Street Lighting

Understanding the PCIA Fee

Pioneer – PG&E Joint Rate Comparison

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On Dec.16, 2021, the Pioneer Board of Directors approved a 2022 rate adjustment that will provide most Pioneer Community Energy customers with a discount on generation rates of at least 6%, as of March 2022.