It’s Your Power, Your Choice

Pioneer believes that customers should have the right to purchase energy from the provider of your choice. That is why our motto is “Your Power, Your Choice”.

Attention All Customers. PG&E just implemented major rate increases for ALL customers. PG&E just published major rate increases to the transmission and distribution electric rates for all customers. This increase impacts Pioneer customers and PG&E only customers. Additionally, it has been reported that effective immediately PG&E has raised natural gas prices by more than 200%.

For more information on anything related to PG&E’s tariffs, please visit PG&E’s website at related to rate tariffs and find your applicable tariff.

These increases to your bills are no way related to you being a Pioneer customer.

El Dorado County residential customers. Did you know that a customer on a standard E1 rate will see a 7% savings based on today’s rate and the correct PCIA ($0.02887)? This is before PG&E institutes their announced significant rate increases. These are coming in March 2022. Did you know that our board meetings are public and all our financial documents are available for public review? There are many benefits to joining Pioneer. Do not hesitate to call with any questions.

Placer County customers. Did you know that PG&E has announced significant rate increases and the PCIA fee adjusting to a lower figure in early 2022? Placer customers could see real savings on their bill. However, if you opt out today, you are forced to remain with PG&E for 12 months. Please wait until March 2022 to see your new savings.

To ensure that all ratepayers have an equal opportunity to receive the benefits provided by Pioneer, state law requires all ratepayers are initially enrolled in Pioneer.

Before you make that decision have you spoke to your Pioneer Community Energy representative? Please call our offices at 916-758-8969.

To Opt Out of Pioneer for electric generation service now, or at any time in the future, use the electronic form below or call Pioneer at 1-844-YES-PIONEER (1-844-937-7466). Please have your PG&E account number ready to complete your request

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