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Pioneer Community Energy provides information to residents, businesses, and local governments regarding important issues that affect you, your family, your business, your way of life.

Public Safety Power Shut Offs

Public Safety Power Shut Offs or PSPS events are designed to protect life and property by shutting off the power on electricity transmission and distribution lines to prevent a fire. Learn more about what you need to do to prepare for PSPS Events.


Time-of-Use (TOU) is an electricity rate structure that results in residents and businesses paying more for power at certain times of day (like 4 pm to 9 pm) and less during other parts of the day. The California Public Utilities Commission directed the investor owned utilities to design time-of-use rates to encourage ratepayers to use less power during the hours of 4 pm to 9 pm when it is most expensive.

Some Pioneer customers may save money by switching from a flat-rate plan to a Time-of-Use plan. To see what rate plans might save you money, visit PG&E’s rate comparison tool at Find Your Best Rate Plan. Any change made to a rate plan will not affect service with Pioneer.

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