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Pioneer wants to ensure that you are aware of the benefits of Pioneer’s NEM program.

Benefits of Pioneer’s NEM Program
  • Generation credits are applied at the retail rate against the electricity consumed each month.
  • Pioneer pays $.005 cents per kWh above current PG&E for Net Surplus Generation (Net Surplus Compensation Rate or NSC). See Pioneer’s current NSC rate.
  • Unused generation credits roll over, from month to month.
  • Pioneer bills for electricity used, monthly. No more large annual electric generation bills!
  • To ensure NEM customers get full advantage of their generation credits over the winter months, annual cash-out of Net Surplus Generation occurs during the March/April billing cycle.
  • Net Surplus Generators will receive checks during the March/April billing period if their credit balance for the past 12 months exceeds $25. Credit balances less than $25 will be rolled forward onto the next bill.
Did you know you can enroll early?
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Enrollment Process

Pioneer understands the value and importance of protecting accrued true-up benefits. To allow NEM customers to use the NEM credits they accrued with PG&E, NEM customers will be scheduled for enrollment with Pioneer within 30 days (either before or after) their annual true-up.

When a NEM customer is scheduled for enrollment, Pioneer will send a series of four notices, starting approximately 60 days prior to enrollment. Once scheduled for enrollment, NEM customers can choose to stay with Pioneer for electric generation service, or return to PG&E. If you choose to remain with PG&E, you must wait until your enrollment period begins to notify Pioneer of your choice to remain with PG&E. More information is available in Pioneer’s NEM Policy.

How Pioneer’s NEM Program Works – Pioneer puts green in your wallet

While you will be both a PG&E and a Pioneer customer, you will still receive only one bill from PG&E, with Pioneer’s electric generation charges replacing PG&E’s electric generation charges. You only need to send one check for the total due.

How does the annual cash-out work?

Once a year, during the March/April billing cycle, Pioneer will cash-out Net Surplus Generators with balances of $25 or more. Here’s how that works:

A Net Surplus Generator is a NEM customer who has generated more electricity over the past 12 months than they used. Net Surplus Generators will receive Net Surplus Compensation at the current listed rate. If the value of your Net Surplus Generation is $25 or more, Pioneer will send you a check. If the value of your Net Surplus Generation is less than $25, Pioneer will credit your next bill.

A Net Consumer is a NEM customer who uses more electricity than they generated over the previous 12 months. Each month, Pioneer will apply the kWh generated to kWh consumed to offset NEM generation, at the full retail rate. The remaining generation consumed will be billed at Pioneer’s more stable, competitive rate and will be added to the monthly bill.

No more large annual electric generation true-ups!

With Pioneer, you can say goodbye to big, annual electric generation true-up bills by paying monthly when your consumption exceeds your generation.

Does enrolling into or opting out of Pioneer affect my rate schedule?

No. Pioneer has discussed the issue of rate changes with PG&E.

PG&E specifically states on its CCA frequently asked questions page the following:

Are customers on a rate schedule open to existing customers but closed to new customers (such as E-6) who transfer to a CCA and then later opt out transferred back at the same closed rate, or are they moved to an open rate (e.g., E-1 or -TOU)?

PG&E states that the customers’ eligibility for E-6 is unchanged by a move to or from CCA service. If a customer on E-6 transfers to a CCA it may remain on E-6 so long as that rate remains open to existing customers. Similarly, if it later returns to bundled service, it may continue on E-6, so long as that rate schedule remains open to existing customers.

Special Note:  If you decide to return to PG&E after receiving service from Pioneer for more than 60 days, PG&E will assign you to a market rate generation rate for six months, unless you provide PG&E six months’ notice before returning to PG&E Service. If you provide PG&E with six months’ notice of your intent to return, PG&E will assign you to your prior generation rate schedule at the time of your return to service. If you return to PG&E service, PG&E will not allow you to return to Pioneer service for 12 months. Consult with PG&E prior to returning to PG&E service to get PG&E’s current rate information and other details about returning to PG&E service.

You may also choose to join Pioneer before your scheduled time.
Call (844) 937-7466 to become a Pioneer now!
What happens at enrollment (early, as scheduled, or at time of your choosing)?

When you become a Pioneer customer, PG&E will true-up your account for both your generation charges and your transmission and delivery charges. PG&E will then make that date your new true-up anniversary. If you choose to join Pioneer early, your PG&E true-up will occur at that time, and PG&E will make that date your new true-up date, going forward. If you wait for automatic enrollment with Pioneer, PG&E will true up both your generation charges and your transmission and delivery charges at the time of your automatic enrollment in Pioneer service.

Do I get to keep my current NEM rate?

Yes; remember, you continue to be a PG&E customer for transmission and delivery (poles and wires) service. Enrollment with Pioneer does not change your PG&E transmission and delivery rate. If you return to PG&E service after enrollment in Pioneer service, your PG&E generation rate is determined by your unchanged transmission and deliver rate.

What if I have a grandfathered NEM rate?

As a Pioneer customer, you still maintain your grandfathered NEM rate for PG&E transmission and delivery service, so your grandfathered NEM rate remains unchanged, and you will receive the benefit of Pioneer’s more stable, competitive generation rates when you are not producing power, such as at night or on cloudy days!

How will billing work?

Pioneer partners with PG&E for billing. PG&E sends out the monthly billing statement with PG&E’s transmission and delivery charges and Pioneer’s electric generation charges. Since PG&E collects payment on behalf of Pioneer, you will still only need to make one payment to PG&E for the total amount shown on the front of the bill.

PG&E will bill for NEM transmission and delivery charges, annually, through its annual true–up process.

How do I claim PG&E energy credits if I enroll early in Pioneer?

You must apply with PG&E to request payment for any unused energy credits you have at the time of enrolling with Pioneer. To apply, please call PG&E at 1 (877) 743-4112 or follow the instructions contained in your true-up statement.

Thinking about going solar?

The California Public Utilities Commission advises that residents who are considering solar review the Solar Consumer Guide to learn more.

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