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The Pioneer Board set a goal to provide more stable, competitive rates. Pioneer rates have been set net of all PG&E surcharges to CCA customers. Typical surcharges include the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA) and the Franchise Fee Surcharge (FFS). Pioneer is supported by the rates charged for the electricity it supplies. It is not supported by any tax dollars.

Choose the Rate Schedule That Works for You

Residential customers can choose which rate schedule they want! PG&E has a tool to find your best rate plan. If you decide to change your rate plan, let PG&E know.

Understanding your bill as a Pioneer Customer

Customers who receive their electric supply from Pioneer Community Energy receive a consolidated bill issued by PG&E that includes PG&E’s delivery charges (transmission and distribution) and Pioneer’s electric generation charges. This is not a double bill or charge. In partnership with Pioneer, PG&E collects payments on behalf of Pioneer.

The charges you see on your bill can be simplified into two categories:

Electric Generation: This charge is for your electricity consumption provided by Pioneer. You will no longer be charged by PG&E for your electric consumption.

Electric Delivery and Surcharges: Your electricity will continue to be delivered by PG&E. PG&E will continue to own, operate, and maintain the transmission and delivery system (wires and poles). PG&E charges for transmitting and delivering your electricity (kWhs). The transmission and delivery charges are the same for everyone, regardless of whether you are a CCA Program customer or not.

Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA): A fee charged to CCA customers, like Pioneer customers, to pay PG&E for electricity it purchased through long-term contracts  on behalf of CCA customers prior to their electricity being provided by a CCA. For more information see our Understanding the PCIA page.

Franchise Fee Surcharge (FFS): Intended to reimburse local governments for use of public rights-of-way and other public services. All ratepayers whether served by a CCA or not are subject to this fee.

Pioneer customers are also PG&E customers. Since Pioneer and PG&E are working together to provide your electric service, your bill will include charges from both PG&E and Pioneer, but there will never be any duplicate charges. PG&E will continue to bill for your gas usage separately.

Pioneer Rates Sheet

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Customers enrolled with Pioneer remain eligible for PG&E energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs.

Third Party Authorization Form

Pioneer customers working with 3rd party service providers (e.g., energy management companies, solar installers) may provide authorization to access their accounts through the 3rd party authorization form . If you would like to provide account access to 3rd party service providers, please return the completed and signed form to

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