Integrated Resource Plan

An Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is required by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). All load serving entities (LSEs) provide an IRP which the CPUC uses to ensure that all LSEs meet targets that allow the electricity sector to contribute to California’s economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. For more information visit the CPUC IRP page.

IRP Narrative (pdf)

Clean System Power 38MMT Preferred Conforming (pdf)

Clean System Power 46MMT Preferred Conforming (pdf)

Resource Data Template 38MMT Preferred Conforming (pdf)

Resource Data Template 46MMT Preferred Conforming (pdf)

Incremental RA Attestation for 2020 IRP (pdf)

IRP Verification for 2020 (pdf)

2021 Integrated Resource Plan Procurement Data Update (pdf)

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