Current Solicitations

Janitorial Services RFP

Responses to Janitorial Services RFP Questions

Procurement and Supplier Diversity

Power Procurement

Pioneer encourages all electric generation providers to participate in Pioneer’s request for proposals and requests for offers.
Pioneer encourages interested parties to subscribe to Pioneer’s power procurement notification list (link to subscriptions). After registering your email, please select the topics for which you would like to receive information.

Non-Power Procurement

Pioneer has need for a variety of services not related to power.
To receive information on Pioneer’s requests for proposals, offers or bids, please subscribe to Pioneer’s notification list for non-power procurement.

Supplier Diversity

Pioneer Community Energy as a local government agency complies with all statutes, restrictions and requirements as directed by law and set by its Board. Pioneer also supports the CPUC’s efforts to create supplier diversity and encourages contractors who may qualify register with the CPUC Supplier Clearinghouse and the Department of General Services Small Business and Disable Veteran Business Enterprises.

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