Pioneer Rates

Pioneer invests in our community through lower rates and programs that benefit local residents and businesses. Pioneer is a not-for-profit government organization. As a local government agency, Pioneer does not pay income taxes, and unlike an investor owed utility, Pioneer does not distribute profits  to shareholders.

To ensure that Pioneer customers receive a lower rate, the rates have been set net of all PG&E surcharges to CCA customers (*PCIA and FFS**).

Pioneer is supported by the rates it charges for the electricity it supplies. It is not supported by any tax dollars.

Pioneer Community Energy Rate Comparisons




Street Lighting

*Power Charge Indifference Adjustment (PCIA)  is a fee charged to CCA customers, like Pioneer customers, to pay PG&E for electricity it purchased through long-term contracts  on behalf of CCA customers prior to their electricity being provided by a CCA.

**Franchise fees (FFS) are intended to reimburse local governments for use of public rights-of-way and other public services. All ratepayers whether served by a CCA or not are subject to this fee.

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