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To Keep PG&E Electric Generation Service

While enrollment in Pioneer electric generation service is automatic, ratepayers do have the choice to receive Pioneer’s more stable, competitive rates and other benefits, or to remain with PG&E.

To ensure that all ratepayers have an equal opportunity to receive the benefits provided by Pioneer, state law requires all ratepayers be converted to Pioneer.

To remain with PG&E electric generation service now, or at any time in the future, use the electronic form below or call Pioneer at 1-844-YES-PIONEER (1-844-937-7466). Please have your PG&E account number ready to complete your request.

PG&E cannot assist with customer requests to opt out of Pioneer, so please contact Pioneer directly. If a customer opts out of Pioneer after the first 60 days of service, the customer must remain with PG&E’s bundled service (combined transmission and delivery service) for one year. In order to rejoin Pioneer, the customer must contact Pioneer directly.

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