Net Energy Metering

Many Net Energy Metering (NEM) solar system owners have heard about Pioneer from friends and neighbors who received notices about a February 2018 enrollment date.

NEM customer enrollment will begin later in 2018. NEM customers will be enrolled near their true-up date, to protect their true-up benefit. NEM customers will receive their four notices starting 60 days prior to their enrollment.

NEM designs stay intact

The NEM design and the program stem from Transmission and Delivery, not generation. PG&E operates the Transmission and Delivery system, so Pioneer customers transitioning to service with Pioneer will remain grandfathered on the NEM design they had when they switched to Pioneer. See Pioneer’s NEM/Solar Policy.

Grandfathering with NEM 1.0 will not change when you are enrolled with Pioneer and will still be effective 20 years from your system’s original activation date. The same applies if you were to enroll with Pioneer, then switch back to PG&E’s NEM program.

Due to NEM grandfathering, PG&E treats a Pioneer customer no differently than customers receiving all of their electric services from PG&E. Pioneer NEM customers will receive their generation credits from Pioneer rather than PG&E, but their eligibility for grandfathering is unchanged by a move to or from Pioneer.

Since PG&E controls NEM designs and programs, they are subject to change by PG&E. Pioneer has no influence on NEM designs and programs.

How it works

In addition to receiving the lower rates during non-generation hours (like after sundown), the Pioneer Board directed the surplus generation reimbursement rate to be set at $0.03 per kilowatt hour, slightly above PG&E’s current rate. All electric rate structures (TOU, EV, etc.) will remain in place.



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