El Dorado County & Placerville

Pioneer Service Starts January 2022 for El Dorado County and Placerville

El Dorado County and the City of Placerville joined Pioneer Community Energy in 2021 with the intent to give the residents and businesses of their jurisdictions a choice in electric service providers.

How Enrollment Works

All eligible customers will be scheduled to become Pioneer customers in January 2022. Visit Pioneer’s Service Area page to see where Pioneer is available.
To ensure fair and equal access to the benefits of community choice for everyone in the El Dorado County and Placerville area, enrollment is scheduled to be automatic – as required by law – but the choice to allow that enrollment to happen is completely a customer’s choice. (Find more about enrollment at Pioneer’s Frequently Asked Questions)

Starting in November 2021 and from that point on, eligible customers will be able to exercise their choice of being a Pioneer or staying with PG&E. Here’s how that works:

  1. To enroll with Pioneer, do nothing. The process automatically completes.
  2. To stay with PG&E:

Solar or Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers will be scheduled to enroll in their true-up months to protect their solar credit cycle.

Solar Customers

Customers with January-February true-up months will enroll in January with the first wave. The rest will enroll every two months after that – unless you would like to enroll early!

Solar customers with true-ups after February could enroll early by calling 844-937-7466.

Please note that enrolling early with Pioneer will reset your true-up to the month you enroll with us.

Regular Solar (NEM) Enrollment Schedule
True Up Month Enrollment Date First Notice Start Choosing
January – February January 2022 November 2021 November 2021
March -April March 2022 January 2022 January 2022
May – June May 2022 March 2022 March 2022
July – August July 2022 May 2022 May 2022
September – October September 2022 July 2022 July 2022
November – December November 2022 September 2022 September 2022
Enrollment in Existing Programs is Unaffected by Enrollment with Pioneer

Customers currently on special programs will continue to receive those benefits:

  • California Alternative Rates for Energy (CARE)
  • Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)
  • Medical Baseline
  • PG&E Employee and Retire Discount Allowance
  • Arrearage Management Plan (AMP)
  • Payment Plans

Visit Pioneer’s Program’s page for more information on programs that are available. Customers on PG&E’s Solar Choice will need to return to PG&E to keep on that program.

Pioneer Offers More Choices – Choose to be Green100

If having 100% renewable energy is important to you, Pioneer offers the only 100% renewable energy product available in the service area!
All eligible customers will be enrolled on Pioneer’s standard rate product. Green100 is a choice.
Customers who would like to “opt-up” to Green100 just need to call Pioneer at 844-943-7466 or visit Pioneer’s Green100 enrollment page!

Community Meetings and Presentations Videos

El Dorado Hills Community Council Meeting – 9/13/2021 hosted on YouTube

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