Community Programs Advisory Committee

Community Programs Advisory Committee

The Pioneer Community Programs Advisory Committee (CPAC) serves as a conduit for community information, insights, opinions and perspectives to the Pioneer Community Energy Board (Pioneer Board) and staff regarding programs Pioneer offers or may offer in the future. The CPAC consists of a diverse group of well-informed community leaders who represent various sectors of the community. The representatives serving on the CPAC will advise the Pioneer Board on ratepayer benefit programs and augment public participation in Pioneer program development.

The CPAC will serve as a steering committee for the creation of the public participation strategy for and the development of programs for a period of 18 months.


The CPAC will consist of 7-11 members, who are ratepayers either working or residing within the Pioneer service area. Optimally, the CPAC would include two members from unincorporated Placer County, two from El Dorado County; one from each of the incorporated areas of Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Loomis, Placerville, and Rocklin; and one member at large appointed by the Executive Director. To achieve diversity in representation, appointments to the CPAC should include the following customer segments if possible:

  • Business/Economics (2)
  • Residential (2)
  • Rural – remote unincorporated (1)
  • Agriculture (1)
  • Environmental (1)
  • Health Services/Social Services (1)
  • Public Education (1)
  • Seniors (1)
  • Executive Director at large (1)


CPAC members shall have such experience and knowledge as to provide a collective expertise to assist the Pioneer Community Energy Governing Board with its obligations to ratepayers. Such experience shall include, but not be limited to, the fields of agriculture, chambers of commerce, education (public, elementary, secondary, college), healthcare, small business, large business, economic development, seniors’ issues, transportation, and environmental (sustainability, renewable energy, etc.).


Members of the community interested in participating on the CPAC shall remit an application package consisting of a resume, cover letter, letter(s) of endorsement, and the application. The cover letter shall note the following:

  • Name
  • Residential Address
  • Sector applying for and the reason why applicant is interested in representing the sector
  • Description of experience in the field/sector applied for
  • Reason for wanting to participate on the CPAC

The resume will include at minimum relevant experience (both through work experience and volunteer activities) and contact information.

Applicants will also submit at least one letter of endorsement from the Committee of a non-profit associated with the relevant sector (i.e., business – letter from a Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or other business non-profit) or other letter of recommendation. The letter of endorsement/recommendation should include:

  • Name of the non-profit
  • Constituency served
  • Applicant’s history/standing with the organization or the sector
  • Statement of endorsement (why the individual will be a good representative)
  • Name, title and signature of the individual providing the endorsement/recommendation

Ratepayers interested in participating on CPAC should complete an application and accompanying materials, and either email the application to or mail it to:

           Atten: CPAC
           Pioneer Community Energy
           2510 Warren Drive, Suite B
           Rocklin CA 95677

DEADLINE: July 15, 2021


The Pioneer Executive Director will review the applications, and then submit the applications that meet the established criteria to the Pioneer Board for discussion and selection. CPAC members must commit to serve the 18-month term. The selection of CPAC members requires a majority vote of the Pioneer Board. The vote is considered final and is not subject to appeal. Any vacant position shall be reopened to application at the time it becomes vacant.


The CPAC will meet at a minimum quarterly and a maximum of once a month to consult with and provide input to Pioneer staff on Ratepayer Benefit Programs. The CPAC will attend and participate in public workshops, forums and discussions with the public for the purpose of collecting insight and information relative to Ratepayer Benefit Programs as necessary. The CPAC will assist staff with the preparation of presentations and recommendations for programs to the Pioneer Board as appropriate and necessary.

The CPAC’s task is to represent the various sectors in the development of Pioneer programs to ensure programs meet the wants and needs of the communities served by Pioneer Community Energy, and to encourage and foster public participation where appropriate.

Meetings will be held at a minimum quarterly and maximum monthly. Members are expected to attend 75% of the meetings which may last 2 – 3 hours per meeting. Meetings will take place on weekday afternoons, during lunch hours, or potentially during weeknight evenings based upon the availability of the Board members. CPAC meetings will be held consistent with public health and safety guidelines for COVID-19, and may use hybrid meetings (combination of in person and zoom) for participant convenience and health and safety compliance.

The CPAC may request special presentations by experts, call for panel discussions, and suggest topics for workshops for the purpose of building an understanding of the public interest in Ratepayer Benefit Programs.

The CPAC will create reports on proposed programs, identifying priorities and making recommendations for the Pioneer Board to consider. The CPAC may also identify policy needs and make recommendations to the Pioneer Board for policy development.

The CPAC may meet with any number of members in attendance, but for the purpose of a vote, a quorum shall be defined as 50% of the CPAC membership in attendance.


CPAC members have made a commitment to ratepayers of Pioneer Community Energy to represent their interests. Meetings will be set at a regular time and every effort will be made to accommodate individual member schedules. Should a CPAC member miss 25% of the meetings during the 18-month term, the Pioneer Community Energy Board shall have the authority to reconsider the individual’s appointment.


The CPAC shall have a Chair and Vice Chair selected through a nomination and voting process of the CPAC.

The Chair will serve for the 18-month term of the committee. The CPAC shall vote in the chair by majority vote. The Chair will conduct the CPAC meeting consistent with California and county laws and regulations (Brown Act and Robert’s Rules of Order).

In addition, the committee will vote in a Vice Chair to serve for the 18-month term who will conduct the CPAC meetings in the absence of the Chair.


Service on the CPAC is uncompensated. Expenses incurred in the performances of duties (outside of travel to and from CPAC meetings) will be addressed on a case-by-case basis under the direction given by the Pioneer Board.

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