Be a Pioneer

Welcome to Pioneer Community Energy

A new choice for electricity supply in Placer County

Beginning in February 2018, Pioneer Community Energy (Pioneer) will be your official electricity provider, at lower and more stable rates than PG&E. Through a partnership between the County of Placer and the cities of Auburn, Colfax, Lincoln, Rocklin, and the Town of Loomis, Pioneer is the provider of electricity to homes and businesses throughout Placer County.

PG&E will continue to transmit and deliver the electricity provided by Pioneer. You will continue to receive the same reliable transmission and delivery service from PG&E, who will continue to own, operate, repair and service the poles and wires. PG&E will also continue to provide gas service.

To ensure fair and equal access to the benefits of Pioneer which is a public agency, all electricity ratepayers within PG&E territory must be enrolled in Pioneer’s CCA Program.  Each ratepayer has the choice to continue to receive the benefits of Pioneer which include more stable and competitive rates, or they may choose to return to PG&E.

Pioneer is sending four notices to each customer.  Two notices will be sent during the 60-day period prior to enrollment in Pioneer electric generation service, and at least two additional notices will be sent during the  60-day period after enrollment in Pioneer electric generation service. These notices inform the customer about Pioneer’s terms, conditions and how a customer who wishes to remain with PG&E may do so. A customer can choose to remain or return to PG&E electric generation service at any time.

PG&E cannot assist with customer requests to opt out of Pioneer, so please contact Pioneer directly. If a customer opts out of Pioneer after the first 60 days of service, the customer must remain with PG&E’s bundled service (combined transmission and delivery service) for one year. In order to rejoin Pioneer, the customer must contact Pioneer directly.


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