About Us

Pioneer is governed by a board of locally elected officials who have established the goal of providing electricity at more stable and competitive rates. Since Pioneer does not have shareholders, savings and investments can be made in our local communities to keep rates competitive, and to develop local electricity programs that benefit our residents and businesses.

Pioneer customers benefit from:

Competitive Rates. One of Pioneer’s key principles is to stabilize electricity rates.

Local Control. We now have a voice in our electric supply. Pioneer Board meetings are open to the public, and the public may comment on the Board’s agenda items. The public may also address the Board generally on items not on the agenda. The Pioneer Board makes decisions on rates and the supply sources of our electricity.

Community Investment. Pioneer does not use taxpayer dollars. We reinvest in our communities by providing competitive and stable rates, supporting and creating local jobs by investing in local electric projects, fostering new ones, and by expanding energy saving programs.

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